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Farmers, throughout India, are facing serious problems in getting sufficient quantity of fertilizers at right time and at right price.  Black marketing of fertilizers is a common thing in many parts of the country. The scarcity of fertilizers is quite rampant at the start of the khariff season as we see long queues in front of dealer shops since early morning.    Highly subsidised Fertilizer is being diverted and used for non agriculture purpose. It is also being smuggled across the borders into counties like Nepal and Bangladesh.

It is also common phenomenon that whenever the Government increases fertilizer prices the dealers are resorting to stencilling the prices on the old stock and selling them at new higher prices.

I suggest that the Government should initiate a fully transparent system in fertilizer production, import of fertilizers and its distribution network.

The fully transparent system of fertilizer production and its distribution network will surely stop the black marketing, stencilling, diversion, smuggling and misappropriation of subsidy by fertilizer manufacturers or importers and the dealers.

 How to streamline fertilizer distribution

 A] Fertilizer distribution should be fully liberalised while providing equal level playing field to all (PACS, private dealers and company outlets) dealers. But licenses should be given to those dealers who have computer systems with inverters.

B) There should be uniform software system for maintaining purchases and sales of fertilizers by dealers throughout India. The purchase and sales of fertilizers by dealers should be made though the sales register sheet. [Download and see the sample sales register sheet that has been attached at the bottom.]

Streamline fertilizer distribution network

C] It should be made mandatory for all fertilizer dealers to make the sales and stocks register available online for general public so that farmers can know what fertilizers are available and how much stock is available in dealer shops either nearby or at faraway shops. That means the farmer need not visit every fertilizer shop to know whether stock are available or not.

[D] It should be made mandatory for all fertilizer manufacturing companies and fertilizer import companies to maintain and put the daily production or import of fertilizers and their sales and distribution on online for public so that the entire process of production/import of fertilizers and their off takes by dealers would become fully transparent. This transparent of process fertilizer production/imports, transport and sales will totally arrest the misappropriation of subsidies, diversion of fertilizers for non agriculture purpose, manipulation of prices and black marketing of fertilizers.

 From this fertilizer register sheets the total stocks availability, the total sales of each fertilizer of the day, of the month and year can be known at every single sale of fertilizers. It would become easy for agriculture officials to monitor fertilizer distribution and its availability throughout the district, State and country on the whole.


E) It should be made compulsory for all fertilizer dealers to purchase and sell fertilizers by using this fertilizer register sheet in computers in order to eliminate black marketing, stencilling[manipulation of old prices] and diversion of fertilizers

It should be made mandatory for every dealer to send the PDF copy of the Sales and stocks register at the end of the each working day to the agriculture officials of the district. Download and see the dealer’s sample fertilizer sales and stocks register.  

F) The dealers should maintain this up to minute purchase and sales list on internet for the general public. All the fertilizer dealers’ network should be linked to the common platform by using software programme so that any farmer in the country can log into this account to see where his/her wanted fertilizers are available at dealer shops nearest to his/her place of residing. Each farmer should be given be the required quota of fertilizers depending upon the extent of land he/she owned and crop he/she cultivates. Farmers should also be allowed to buy fertilizers through online from the agriculture ministry website and take the fertilizers from the nearest dealer upon producing the internet receipt. The ministry should pay the commission, handling and transport charges to the dealer.

G) The agriculture ministry should make it available the entire list of fertilizer production in the country, the imports, the distributors, the dealers, and the sale of fertilizers at each dealer on every day on interment.

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