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Under TOP Tax system there will only be a single tax called “TOP Tax” (Transfer Or Purchase Tax) for both Centre and States combined in place of present multiple Indirect taxes with different slab rates on different goods/commodities/services and multiple Direct taxes with different slab rates, to relieve 7 billion people of the world from the cobweb of ambiguous and complex tax structures, plethora of tax laws, mandatory and cumbersome accounting, auditing, tax returns and consequent quagmire of all tax related cases.

Banking expanded to the ultimate leve

Banking expanded to the ultimate level Banking structure is redesigned to make India a fully digital nation and to usher in 100% e-governance. Banking is expanded to the ultimate level so that many State and Central Government departments can be … Continue reading

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 SINGLE TAX  ———————————————————–                  Ultimate Tax Reforms – All Direct and Indirect taxes accompanied by tax laws, accounting, auditing and tax returns, can be abolished if a new tax system called “TOP Tax system” is adopted and implemented by all nations. … Continue reading

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